Who else wants to get some money back by shopping online?

The MilkADeal Cashback program is about giving back to the consumers. Every time a you visit a store or merchant website such as Lazada, Zalora, Agoda, AirAsiaGo, Groupon, Photobook Malaysia, Booking.com, AliExpress, FashionValet, Qoo10, Godaddy, dan Expedia and many more listed on MilkADeal dashboard and make a purchase, you will get cash back!

Ya, boleh dapat wang tunai!

Below are some merchants and websites where you can get cashback. Have you shopped at any of these before? You could have made some money back if you have signed up with Milkadeal!

Shop at these websites and get cash

Amount you make varies based on the different percentage listed or the available deal. MilkADeal is paid a commission on every sale you and other users bring to their partner websites as referral fee. From that referral fee, they take some of it to cover their running costs and return the remaining commission back to you as cashback.

Their principle is that they do their very best to return the maximum they can afford to you so that everybody wins in this transaction.

How They Do It

MilkADeal get paid by the stores or websites every time you visit them from Milkadeal website and make a purchase. Instead of keeping everything for themselves, they decided to give back to you guys.

How Much Can You Make?

Every time a you visit a store / website listed on MilkADeal Cashback and make a purchase, you will get cash back! Amount varies based on the different percentage listed or the available deal.

How to earn Cashback with MilkADeal?

  1. Visit their website to register (it is free to register)
  2. Login and browse for your favourite store.
  3. Find a coupon or simply go shopping through the “Shop Now” link and shop like normal at the store.
  4. Once your order is reported to Milkadeal, cashback will be added to your account. It’s that easy!

Additional Way to Make Money: Milkadeal Referral Program

  1. Refer your friends to shop with them
  2. Let them know they get a RM5 Bonus for joining.
  3. Tell them how much Cashback you’ve already earned.
  4. Walk them through signing up for MilkADeal if they need a little help.
  5. You can send reminder emails to friends who haven’t joined.

Even if you are too shy and cannot refer any friend, you can still receive RM5 Bonus for joining! – just by registering an account.

You can invite your friends in different ways including via Facebook, Twitter or Google+. You can promote via your blogs, forums or word of mouth but you have to remember to use your special referral link (given once you register an account with them). You can also send recommendation emails to your friends using their easy-to-use form.

Can You Trust the Program?

Like many make-money-online programs out there, there will be scepticism and doubts before you sign up. However, these doubts are not unfounded because there are too many scams and unreliable ventures out there.

Milkadeal are proud to be a mad bunch. Their strength lies in the diversity of their staff’s interests and backgrounds, as it allows them to harness each individual’s unique strengths for the benefit of their clients/consumers. Please visit their ‘About’ section for more info on their team members.

Is Milkadeal a Scam?

This is a common question asked by many especially before you want to join something that require you to put money or effort (to promote their links for example).

We are confident that Milkadeal is not a scam because:

  • The do not require payment to join. Yes it is free. If you were asked to pay a fee to join a program, you have to be extra careful. It could easily mean that the contest and the organiser cannot be trusted.
  • We cannot find bad any review about them on the web. We will keep our eyes on user reviews about Milkadeal from time to time.
  • Their website also looks professional and do not have the signs of scams.

The only problem we found is that we cannot find a physical address of their office or any contact phone number.

How do you cash out your Cashback?

When you have accumulated RM10.00 or more in confirmed cashback, you can request to cash out via “My Dashboard”. They will then bank-in your cashback to your Malaysian bank account within 7 working days.

Click here to register an account now!

How to Get 12% Lazada Cash Back

Did you know that you can get 12% cash back from Lazada if you join the MilkADeal cashback program?

Click here to register for free.

You can also get cash back from many other popular online stores including Zalora, Agoda, AirAsiaGo, Groupon, Photobook Malaysia, Booking.com, AliExpress, FashionValet, Qoo10, Godaddy, dan Expedia and many more from this program.

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