Are you planning to visit Langkawi? Then you must not miss the Underwater World Langkawi and hang out with over 500 species of aquatic animals.

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Underwater World Langkawi

Housing up to 4000 land and aquatic creatures, Malaysia’s largest oceanarium offers individuals from all ages the opportunity to hang out with over 500 species of animals while learning about the importance of conserving precious natural habitats. Keen minds can stroll along the underwater marine tunnels where oversized aquatic species like the giant Grouper, sharks, giant stingrays, green turtles, and more roam freely in the midst of the hexagonal aquariums. Aside from that, tropical rainforest sections, temperate, and subantarctic ecosystems are also available for adventurous souls to explore.

Why Visit Underwater World Langkawi

  • Sub-Antarctic section
    – Observe the ‘Rockhopper’ penguins in their habitat
  • Temperate section
    – Observe the southern fur seals in their habitat
    – Stroll along the underwater tunnel filled with Blackfooted African penguins
  • Tropical rainforest section
    – Journey to the heart of the Amazon River
    – Learn about tropical fishes like the Pacu, Knifefish, Temoleh, giant Gouramy, and various Arowana species
    – Watch birds like the mute swans, flamingos, Mandarin ducks, and more roaming freely around their habitats
  • Freshwater section
    – Includes fishes from Southeast Asia, the Amazon, Africa, and Australia
    – Learn about the Bala shark, various species of Garfish, catfish, Matamata, stingrays, exotic turtles, Arapaima, and more
  • Marine life section
    – Stroll along hexagonal, tunnel and various smaller tanks that houses a wide range of fish, invertebrates, and crustaceans species.
    – Learn about sharks, giant stingrays, giant Groupers, sea horses, lion fish, giant clams, and more.

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    • 1 child ticket for RM18 instead of RM20
    • 1 adult ticket for RM25 instead of RM30
  • Admission for non-Malaysian citizens
    • 1 child ticket for RM25 instead of RM30
    • 1 adult ticket for RM35 instead of RM40

Underwater World Langkawi

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What Others Had to Say about Underwater World Attraction

Sarida Sajahan (via Facebook) said this about the Underwater World Attraction:
“Im very happy here”

Rashidul H from Bangladesh (via TripAdvisor) said this about the Underwater World Attraction:
“Nice Aquarium ! During our stay on Pantai Cenang, one day we visited this Underwater world aquarium which was nice experience for us. You can fine a lot of marine species including Penguin, Seal etc. The entry fee was 40/45 RM per person. “

Rebecca R from Australia (via TripAdvisor) said this about the Underwater World Attraction:
“Great attraction. We decided to have a look at the Underwater world due to miserable weather. They had a rather large variety of animals (not just fish). It was larger than we had anticipated. I would recommend checking it out if you have some spare time. “

Jehanzeb K from Pakistan (via TripAdvisor) said this about the Underwater World Attraction:
“I didn’t have high expectations of Underwater World Langkawi. However, I was proved wrong with the vast collection of marine species this attraction has to offer. The aquarium is well maintained and the staff are highly motivated and friendly. The place has started to show signs of wear & tear and is in need of some TLC. Still an enjoyable… “

Shariel H from Australia (via TripAdvisor) said this about the Underwater World Attraction:
“Langkawi must see! RM 43 for non Malaysians adults to get in. Definitely a must visit in Langkawi. Clean and well set up. “

Tasha Telun L (via TripAdvisor) said this about the Underwater World Attraction:
“I love all of the animals there. Theres a giant fish infront of the entrance. That one is scary. Hahaha ❤”

Aimar10 (via TripAdvisor) said this about the Underwater World Attraction:
“It is not crowded area inside the underwater world, however parking spot is much harder due to shopping mall nearby. It is well maintained and good for children visit.”

aga752 (via TripAdvisor) said this about the Underwater World Attraction:
“It’s one of the Lankawi island’s best attractions.The complex is divided into 3 sections: Tropical Rainforest,Temperate & Sub Antarctic. The last one is the most popular section-the “penguin-arium” houses cute little rockhopper & black footed penguins. Try to go in early hours to enjoy shark & penguin feeding. The very nomenclature of this place is not proper as you will see…”


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